We have commercialised - 4-Morpholino piperadine which is an intermediate in Alectinib Our new facility will be ready by End April 2018 We are strong in the Intermediates of Quetiapine/Aripiprazole/Terbinafine/Domperidone

Welcome To Allchem Lifescience PVT.LTD.


Established in 2003 with small pilot plant and came in to commercial production in 2013 in the name of Allchem Laboratories, it is an independent privately owned company.Name changed from Allchem Laboratories to Allchem Lifescience Pvt. Ltd in April-2017.We are Allchem Lifescience Pvt Ltd., a fully cGMP compliant pharmaceutical intermediates plant located in the outskirts of Vadodara, Gujarat, India. (Location :400 km north of Mumbai at Vadodara, Gujarat, INDIA).
We are innovative Manufacturer of

  • Generic API Intermediates
  • New API Intermediates
  • Speciality Chemicals & Difficult to Source products
  • for the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Plant Health and Nutraceutical industries.

We also offer custom and contract manufacturing services.Allchem Lifescience Pvt. Ltd. is equipped with a good development laboratory, Q.C. laboratory, pilot plant and Production Plant to handle kilogram to multi-kilograms to Tons quantities of products involving a wide range of chemical processes, including multi-step synthesis.

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Generic API Intermediates


New API Intermediates


Speciality Chemicals & Custom and contract manufacturing services